Sunday, October 26, 2008

Six Generations

Posted on/at 5:10 PM by The Goddess

My great-great grandfather, Maxwell Wellington Wilkinson (1847-1922)

My great grandfather, Francis Eugene Wilkinson (1872-1956)

My grandfather, Howard Edward Wilkinson (1899-1965)

My father, Peter Wilkinson (1937-2002) A rare early shot of him mustacheless. He later followed the Wilkinson walrus trend.

Me! Gabrielle Kimberly Wilkinson Adams (1969-) Fuchsia hair in front of my family tree. No mustache here, though I'm tempted to buy one, just for laughs. My brother wears one.

My children, Conner and Samantha. No mustaches... yet.

I would love to add a picture of my ggg grandfather George Maxwell Wilkinson (1809-1884) to my collection. He emmigrated to New York from Scotland and married Polly Spicer, a descendant of the venerable Spicer family. If anyone knows where I can find one, I'd be thrilled.

Update: Apr 20, 2009

My distant cousin Ross sent me this photo of the aforementioned George Maxwell Wilkinson. I'm beside myself with excitement. Pictures of the entire lineage... all seven generations.


Donnie said...

Yeah...this is kinda crazy but Im looking at a photo of my ggggg grandfather. So somewhere far far down the line we're related. But I was wondering if there was anyway to get ahold of Ross.

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