Monday, February 23, 2009

The goddesses are coming!

Posted on/at 2:38 PM by The Goddess

These lovely ladies are in the queue to have their glamour shots done and be pimped out at Frog Hollow Creations.

Click on the picture for a closer look. Go ahead! Don't be shy.

I have to admit, I'm going to have some trouble parting with the green-eyed crone. She's my favorite. Her head is made out of a leather button I inherited from my mother, and her iridescent breasts are also vintage buttons I picked up somewhere. The quick photo doesn't do her justice. She's definitely ready for her closeup.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Prove Me Wrong

Posted on/at 10:29 AM by The Goddess

Oprah raved about this book. I did not like it. That is an understatement. I loathed this book. I said as much on, prompting my first ever hate mail from a stranger. To me, the writing style was so sophomoric that it interfered with the story.

After getting e-screeched at, I rented the movie, determined to give it another chance. Disappointing. Even without the pretencious writing style, the story just didn't do it for me.

Here's my proposal. I will send this book to you, absolutely free. Just click the PalPal button to send me the postage (either $2.58 via media mail or $4.95 priority). It's the first edition hardback, in good condition. Read it. Let me know what you think. Don't hesitate to tell me I'm out of line.

First come, first serve. I will remove the button once this has gone. If, by some chance, someone else pays before I can do so, I will of course send the money back.

If this turns out to be a fun exercise, I may release a few more books into the internet wilderness.

P.s. If you want me to send it overseas, email me and I'll let you know how much it costs to ship it.

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Frog Hollow Mascot

Posted on/at 4:26 AM by The Goddess

Finally got around to creating a mascot for Frog Hollow. Need to add him to my banner. I've never been much of an artist, despite my teenage delusions. I've gotten much better at drawing this particular version of a frog, having had to redo him multiple times due to various FAILS. Sharpie pen, oil pastel, kraft paper, and scrapbooking paper.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The Face of Lupus

Posted on/at 8:52 AM by The Goddess

Having lupus has changed the way I look. This picture was taken the morning after my family went bowling. Not only was I totally prostrated by exhaustion, but exposure to the black lights they turn on after 9:00 p.m. at the bowling alley aggravated my butterfly rash. It didn't even cross my mind that I was receiving concentrated UV rays until my son asked if the lights would make me sick. That kid is always looking out for me.

You can see that the medicine and enforced inactivity caused me to gain quite a bit if weight. I've gained even more since this picture was taken.

Here's a picture taken about a year or two earlier for comparison. Skinny, no rash. Granted, the skinny came from a reaction to Plaquenil that left me nearly anorexic. I had to have assistance just going to the bathroom, I was so weak from not eating.

Yes, my skin is always pasty white. On top of a genetic mutation I inherited, going out in the sun makes me nauseated, dizzy, fatigued, and triggers a major flare. I remember hearing stories about ancestors who had trouble with the sun. I think I descended from cave dwellers, or maybe vampires.

Right now I'm back on the Tramadol, a medicine I loathe to the depths of my soul. We've lost our income and health insurance in the last few months, so like a good recessionista, I've cut back on luxuries.

Last fall, my doctor and I hit upon a combination of medications that works for me, nearly restoring me to my pre-illness state, but it's way too expensive for me to pay for out-of-pocket when we're living hand-to-mouth. I'm nearly out of the pain pills, but resolved not to buy any more unless DH refilled his diabetes and high blood pressure meds first.

Tramadol, while it lessens pain to a tolerable level, has horrible side effects. It's a major contributor to the mental fog that has enshrouded me of late. I've had a bad case of The Dumb that has left me frustrated and nearly at my wit's end.

I'm frightened thinking about the return of that much pain, but I'm hoping it will light a fire under someone's backside. I dearly wish I were able to get a job. I'm trying to sell some items online to generate at least a little income to supplement unemployment, but it's subject to my energy levels. If I'm not online much in the coming weeks, it will be because I'm either asleep, or lying under my heat lamp, trying to cope.

My Morph Kids

Posted on/at 8:36 AM by The Goddess

I've been playing with MorphThing again. Here are pics of my husband and I, taken at our early morning best.

Aren't we adorable? (I admit, it's an older picture taken before I got this sick.)

I morphed them together to see what the computer thinks our kids might look like. Here's what it came up with.

Well, maybe when my son grows up and gets a sex change. Here's what he really looks like. Both my kids got my extremely fair skin and my hair.

Here's how he acts sometimes. I feel like maybe evil Gollum sneaked in late one night.

Just kidding, BTW. My kids are abnormally fantastic. Not perfect, by any means, but they bring me unimagined joy. I don't know how we got by without them years ago.

I Have No Spoons

Posted on/at 8:24 AM by The Goddess

I overdid it yesterday, so...

Monday, February 16, 2009

Zombie Slaves. I want.

Posted on/at 11:45 AM by The Goddess

funny pictures
more animals

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Goddess-in-Training of Frog Hollow

Posted on/at 6:12 AM by The Goddess

The Goddessette . Yes, she's an odd one.

Take a minute to click on the thumbnail and take a look at what DD brought home from school today. They are studying frogs in first grade science. The Goddess-in-Training at Frog Hollow wants to be a tadpole because they're small and she draws awesome little one-eyed smiling frogs. I disagree with her answer on the multiple guess question. A frog grows from a tadpole to a mouthful!

Fussless in Seattle? (Booooooo....)

Posted on/at 4:52 AM by The Goddess

Can't get a decent shot of the gargoyle I made with the camera on the phone. I really need a decent camera. Will be borrowing one from a friend. Planning to list this and the bear on Etsy. DH fussed for about two seconds about me taking the bear back from him, until he heard how much I expect to be able to get for it. All fussing stopped. Abruptly. I should name him Fussypants in DH's honor. (Done!)
At any rate, I started here for inspiration and winged it from there. I'm really happy with the way he turned out. His wings are bluish and sparkly, made of Angelina. The rest is needle felted wool. One of my failed dye experiments. He even had a cute little gargoyle backside, and he's sitting on an broken old shank button I inherited from my mother. Bless her pointy pack rat head. I love you, Mother! Guess what? I inherited your pack rat gene.
Sorry folks, but it's true. You turn into your parents.
And WTH? My paragraph breaks are, well, broken. Hence the longest run-on thought ever.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Mr. Fussypants

Posted on/at 4:36 AM by The Goddess

Finished my needle felted bear last night. Didn't get a chance to take a picture until today. I really wish we had a decent camera. The one one DH's phone just doesn't do him justice.

He was surprisingly simple to make. Took me about two hours, total. I started with the instructions in the tutorial at Owning Alpaca and then altered him based on the Bumble Bear at Living Felt.

Gave him to DH for an early V-day present.
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