Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Fussless in Seattle? (Booooooo....)

Posted on/at 4:52 AM by The Goddess

Can't get a decent shot of the gargoyle I made with the camera on the phone. I really need a decent camera. Will be borrowing one from a friend. Planning to list this and the bear on Etsy. DH fussed for about two seconds about me taking the bear back from him, until he heard how much I expect to be able to get for it. All fussing stopped. Abruptly. I should name him Fussypants in DH's honor. (Done!)
At any rate, I started here for inspiration and winged it from there. I'm really happy with the way he turned out. His wings are bluish and sparkly, made of Angelina. The rest is needle felted wool. One of my failed dye experiments. He even had a cute little gargoyle backside, and he's sitting on an broken old shank button I inherited from my mother. Bless her pointy pack rat head. I love you, Mother! Guess what? I inherited your pack rat gene.
Sorry folks, but it's true. You turn into your parents.
And WTH? My paragraph breaks are, well, broken. Hence the longest run-on thought ever.


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