Sunday, September 20, 2009

Not Dead, After All

Posted on/at 2:50 AM by The Goddess

Nope, I haven't shriveled up and blown away. Stopped my meds (against medical advice... don't tell my doc), which means the lethargy has lifted. Been busy, and not in the mood to write.

Got a new camera this week, so replace the defunct one. Discovered the best way to get smiley but uncheesy pics is to say something vulger. It worked like a charm.

Brief manic phase means I finally got around to repainting my room. Put the almost-last touches on today. Really had to suck it up to finish, because this morning I was so fatigued and sore I was verging on tears of frustration and exhaustion. All done but the acquiring and setting up of a bookcase or two. That's in next month's budget, I'm told. So until then, boxes of books will live on the kitchen floor.

Samantha's a huge fan of my new "beauty station". I explained that it's called a "vanity", but she prefers her term. She's stubborn, like her mother.


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