Sunday, July 20, 2008

Toothache Drops 1879

Posted on/at 2:45 AM by The Goddess

From my copy of "Housekeeping in Old Virginia Containing Contributions from Two Hundred and Fifty of Virginia's Noted Housewives, Distinguished for Their Skill in the Culinary Art and Other Branches of Domestic Economy" published in 1879.
This stuff no doubt cured toothaches, but any other damn thing that ailed you! Morphine and laudanum. Good stuff. Bet it worked a lot better than the stuff you get at the drugstore these days, which generally leave out all the ingredients except the clove oil.


Dennis said...

t's nice to hear that the cases of toothaches dropped. I think the nationwide dental health campaign has been effective in its cause. Here in Maryland, dentists (Germantown-based) visit several institutions to orient the community on the proper way of dental hygiene. Hopefully, in the succeeding years there would be less tooth decay problems in the US.

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