Saturday, March 28, 2009

Bluebird of Happiness

Posted on/at 2:23 AM by The Goddess

I got an ink stain on these pants last Halloween, at the party which resulted in my fabulous About Me pic. I was very bummed at the time, because I love these jeans. They have a nice high Mom waist, stretch denim that doesn't put any pressure on my tender points, and they make my backside look good.
Then I gained ten pounds.
While shuffling things around in my bedroom today, I rediscovered them. Since I've lost ten pounds this week due to this excruciating undiagnosed belly ailment (think childbirth, but without the happy ending), I decided to do something about the stain. What was going to be a simple flower and vine ended up with hearts and flowers and even the bluebird of happiness.
And they fit. Silver linings are my favorite kind.


A Mom's Choice said...

Hi there,
Thanks for the comments. Haven't made it back been in a major flare. Haven't been on computer for 3 days and well forcing myself now. Its like I'm walking a marathon just to sit up. Can't stand to sit up for too long. I keep falling asleep and we start back to school tomorrow. So I hope I can function tomorrow. Like your poetry sharing. I like to be crafty too, but my energy defeats that purpose. I overdue I pay for it one way or the other. This crap plain old sucks. Have you tried The Omega 3's? Rhemo said it was okay for me.
Chronic Chick Talk

The Goddess said...

Chronic Chick,

Boy, can I ever relate! Flaring right now as I recover from gallbladder surgery and so overtired I can't sleep.

Ready to cry from frustration and exhaustion. Checking in online in short spurts so my people don't worry too much.

I have tried all the vitamins. No noticible effects. How about you?

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