Friday, March 20, 2009

My Fembot Hairdo

Posted on/at 2:35 PM by The Goddess

Just a quick snapshot of my latest look. A few weeks back, in a fit of pique, I took the electric clippers to my hair. It's actually getting a bit long now. Think I'll ask for an assist from DH this time, though.

I've gotten a few compliments on it when I've been able to go out. Nice, but not my main reason for cutting it this way. I like the fact that it hides the gray a little, and camouflages the fact that lupus and fibromyalgia have left me with about 50% less hair than I had a decade ago.

In addition, raging-feminist hair is a cinch to handle. No more brushing, hot oil packs, blow drying, etc. It's strictly wash and wear, which suits me to a tee these days, since lifting my arms over my head is one of my long lost abilities.

In keeping with my militant attitude, I've also given up makeup, bras, and pants without elastic waistbands. Life's just too short. Sure, I do get girly once or twice a year, but the days of spending more than a couple of minutes in front of the mirror are pretty much a thing of the past for me. I have more important work to do, and besides, who ever see me? Well, except the entire internets?


Manic Mom said...

I just cut mine shoooooooooort too. My hair showed up to the lupus war & lost. Love this post, sounds a lot like me. I'm still fighting on some of the girly things I can't give up just yet.

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