Friday, March 13, 2009

Free Silly Book

Posted on/at 5:01 AM by The Goddess

This is a silly book. I'm not saying it doesn't work. It works like a charm, to be honest. It's like voodoo, it's so scary effective.

Somehow I ended up with two copies of this book. That's lupus/fibromyalgia fog for you. I can't unload them on Amazon because there are almost 4000 used copies for sale.

Here's my proposal. I will send this book to you, absolutely free. Just click the PalPal button to send me the postage (either $2.58 via media mail or $4.95 priority). It's the first edition hardback, in good condition, albeit missing the dust cover. Read it. Let me know what you think. Don't hesitate to let me know I have the wrong end of the stick entirely.

First come, first serve. I will remove the button once this has gone. If, by some chance, someone else pays before I can do so, I will of course send the money back.
If this turns out to be a fun exercise, I may release a few more books into the internet wilderness.

P.s. If you want me to send it overseas, email me and I'll let you know how much it costs to ship it and create an invoice for you.



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